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Cute & Funny Slogan Inspiration For Your "Create Your Own" Clothing

Posted by Sarah Thompson on
Cute & Funny Slogan Inspiration For Your "Create Your Own" Clothing

When in doubt, wear a t-shirt! But first, put comfort and purpose. Whether it's funny slogans or personal jokes, you can still make it fashionable! Simply style a t-shirt with a pair of high waisted jeans, leggings and boots! 

Don’t know what to put on your personalised jumper or hoodie? Don’t worry - this blog post has you covered. After all, who wouldn’t like a punny t-shirt to lighten the mood while slaying a casual but edgy look? So, hang in there and we’ll bring you a list of twelve cool but funny t-shirt slogans.

Here is some inspiration…

Dogs Make Me Happy

I love dogs, they always have a way of making you happy. People on the other hand... don't.

May Contain Alcohol

This funny, yet sometimes accurate statement can give people a laugh. Who doesn’t love a glass of wine with their dinner?!

Social Distancing Club

First lockdown, now masks and social distancing! This will be your staple for a hoodie when out and about doing the weekly shop.

I Would Rather Be Sleeping

Everyone loves sleep. So why not have it embroidered on a t-shirt, hoodie or jumper? Relevant all the time, especially as a mum! 

Haters Gonna Hate

When it comes to puns about t-shirts, Statler and Waldorf deserve the credit for contributing a lot. The famous Muppet characters with their cantankerous views became a pun-filled inspiration for t-shirt designers. This catchphrase is one of the many!

Kiss Me I’m Irish

Although this slogan was famous for St. Patrick’s Day, it has now become a mainstream go-to slogan. 

I’m Not Angry This Is Just My Face

Do you always look grumpy? Or have a friend, colleague or family member who does so? This custom t-shirt design is going to take on a laughter ride along with others too.

Nap Time Is My Happy Hour

Happy hour is great isn’t it? Although, when you are a parent - happy hour is definioelty the time where you can lie down and relax, maybe fall asleep - even if it is for only an hour!

WTF— With The Family

And that sums up the purpose of this t-shirt! Being with family means controlling yourself; but with irony and fun!

High On Stress

Stressed with work? Juggling looking after the kids, working and having a social life? Stress can happen to us all the time, and this t-shirt is definitely accurate!

I Just Want To Be A Stay-At-Home Cat Mom

We have mentioned dogs - so we thought it would only be fair to mention cats in this blog post. Who wouldn’t want to be a stay at home cat mom? Thought so. 

Last Clean T-Shirt

It seems like somebody really needs to do the laundry. This funny t-shirt is accurate for so many - especially those where laundry seems to be neverending!

So, now you have a long list of t-shirt slogans to pick from. At Ted & Stitch we can customize hoodies, jumpers and t-shirts with a quote or slogan of your choice! Simply visit our website for more information and hopefully you will be out and about in some cute and funny slogan tees! 

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