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In a nutshell, Ted & Stitch is all about Embroidered Branded Workwear, Promotional Clothing, Slogan Clothing such as fashion hoodies, fashion t-shirts & fashion sweaters.  We are based in Northern Ireland but deliver right across the UK and Ireland and are growing from strength to strength each day.  However, very few people know about how we came about until now.  Read On....

Back in 2016 my second born son was diagnosed with cancer, he went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and I’m so pleased to say he has now been in remission for 2 years. It was a long scary journey, one that was extremely tough and emotionally overwhelming. In fact it still is.

Treatment was tough on him and our entire family, but I knew he was tougher and so were we. I remember looking at him and thinking to myself I bet anyone looking at your beautiful shiny bald head, pale complexion and frail stature would brand you straight away as a baby with cancer, though what I seen was someone who was beyond brave and strong. I was so scared that someone would brand him as weak or a victim but that is never what he was, he was born a SURVIVOR.

So what has this got to do with TED & Stitch you ask? I set out on the lookout for something personalised that I could empower him with. I wanted his presence or at least a cute jumper to scream I’m awesome! Not “I’m sick.” Paul (my husband) said to me why don’t you put your skills to the test and make him something. I thought it was a great idea but my main focus was just getting our family through and fight for our baby to get him into remission so I put it to the back of my mind.

Fast forward to 2019 and with our little boy in remission, the future had never looked so bright and beautiful but I felt that the fight that it had took to keep my little boy safe took away a large chunk of the person that I was. I felt dull and lifeless and after a dark few months I started counselling. Immediately I started to realise that I had no goals, no plan, no spark and nothing for me. I was solely focused on our family.

 My husband reminded me of my little embroidery dream and he pushed and pushed until he finally convinced me to purchase my first machine. From the very minute I switched it on a little spark lit inside me with the creativeness, the fun and the joy of stitching made me feel like ME again. And just like that on my kitchen table I formed a little piece of happiness that would soon be TED & Stitch.

When you purchase something from Ted & Stitch I want you to feel that joy, when you receive garments with your work logo on it I want you to feel pride and I need you to know that when you buy from TED & Stitch we do a little happy dance because we value your trust and custom so much more than you know.

TED & Stitch may have started on my kitchen table but I am now operating two professional machines, I am working with a fabulous friend who is a designer and our plans moving forward, are very exciting! I cannot wait to share with you apparel and workwear that makes you feel pride and joy.

My mission is to give you the opportunity to brand yourself with something that is powerful and meaningful, should it be our mama sweatshirt because you love being a Mama, or maybe you fought hard to be a Mama. Our slogan sweatshirts because they make you laugh and show off your personality. Your work logo because it’s something you put your heart and sole into (we know how important branding is). Or maybe you want to create your own and empower yourself with words such as “I am worthy”, “I’ve got this”. It may be something simple or something meaningful but you say it and we will stitch it.

I am so proud of the work we do and with your trust and support I have no doubt we will continue to thrive.

Thank you for reading our story

Sarah xx

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